U.S. Minorities Will be the Majority in 2042

November 7, 2010 § 1 Comment

By 2042, minorities, collectively, are projected to make up more than 50 percent of the U.S. population, the Census Bureau said – making minorities no longer a niche market, but a mainstream market.

Because the minority population continues to grow at such a fast pace it is more  important than ever for brands to understand the implications of the acculturation issues and how to uniquely address these issues for each minority group.

The top three ethnic minority groups’ (Hispanic, African-American, and Asian-Americans) ability to stay in touch with friends and family here and abroad is very easy compared to what early immigrants (Italian, Irish, Polish, etc.) had to do. This ease of ability is driven by the fact that there are many different avenues of communication making it easier for the minority population to connect with their friends and family back home as frequently as they would like. With the increase of free communication tools such as Facebook, Skype, email, blogs, etc minorities will continue to have stronger ties back home. Kutchera says, “Being able to understand the culture and institutions in the country they are immigrating to will continue to be important, but these different avenues of connecting back home will certainly encourage stronger ties to their countries of origin and could develop into a phenomenon that we see among Hispanic youth, where they are very truly straddling two cultures”.

There are many companies who have acknowledged this need and have identified differing media and approaches to reach targeted minority audiences through multiple marketing efforts.  For example, Asians, African-Americans, and Hispanics are more likely to rate personalization and ad relevance as important features of online content sites.  African-Americans and Hispanics find advertising more entertaining and trustworthy than others do and are more likely to watch TV commercials – 54% of African-Americans and 42% of Hispanics say they watch TV ads, compared with only 32% of Whites. African-Americans are twice as likely as Hispanics and Whites to purchase a product because the company sponsors family or educational programming.  Essentially, an effective ethnic marketing campaign is one that is founded on the values and beliefs of that particular ethnic group or audience vs. using an American based campaign and simply translating it into Spanish.

Because minority groups will continue to be influenced so greatly by their culture, the process of acculturation will be much slower than the early immigrants. Because of this acculturation trend the need to develop a separate segmentation strategy is imperative for a brand to be successful.

NIKE’s Global Integrated Marketing Campaign:




§ One Response to U.S. Minorities Will be the Majority in 2042

  • bornamountaineer says:

    Great example with Nike’s world cup advertisement – it was great then and it is great now.

    You are right; minorities are no longer in the backburner in terms of marketing. They are becoming main target audiences that companies must focus their efforts toward. My question is that so many Web sites are offered in English and in Spanish, do they need to start offering the sites in other languages as well?

    If so, marketers have their hands full, because of the language and cultural barriers!

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