Mobile Apps On the Rise

February 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

Handheld devices such as cell phones, smart phones, portable computers and other wireless devices make up the growing mobile device market.  Such devices allow customers to stay informed, gather information and communicate with other without being tied to a physical location.  The number of downloaded apps is expected to increase from 10.9 billion worldwide in 2010 to more than 76.9 billion in 2014.  In addition, worldwide mobile apps revenues will experience similar growth, surpassing $35 billion in 2014. While the mobile device market is becoming a viable advertising medium it is important to understand how to measure the effectiveness of mobile marketing.

Measure of Informativeness: If a website provides consumers with practical and or helpful information, it is then considered informative.  If a mobile site is informative users will be more likely to interact with the site as they are getting the information they need.  One way to be sure users are getting the information they need is to measure how often information is viewed; how frequently users return to the mobile site, and how often apps are downloaded.   One metric that could be used to measure how informative the mobile site is to measure how many times the app was downloaded to every PV so instead of PV per user the metric would be PV per download.  If downloads skew higher than amount of PV’s on the site, that is a good indication that users aren’t going to the site to read the content but rather they are going to the site simply to access the app.  This metric would indicate that the content found on the mobile site is not relevant to what the general market wants to read and instead of investing a large amount of resources on content, more resources should be used to develop more apps.

Measure of Efficiency and Effectiveness of Interaction: Interaction is an important part of online marketing communications.  In order for customers to be happy and ultimately buy a product, marketers need to know how easy or difficult the overall experience with the mobile site is.  Similar to the importance of a well designed website the mobile site design is equally important.  In order to measure efficiency and effectiveness of the mobile sites interactions marketers need to enable their mobile site to capture pertinent information.  Important information that should be tracked through either Google Analytics or another mobile tracking system is downloads, bounce rate, time spent, registrations, and average PV’s per users.  Since mobile is a fairly new but growing channel it is important for Marketers to first understand how users are interacting with their website.  Once a basic understanding of what metrics should be analyzed a mobile web analyst should identify what inputs and outputs affect overall trends.  Interactions are measured based on downloads, time spent, and bounce rate.

Presence: When communicating online, it’s important for the user to feel that the online environment is similar to the real world.  Presence is the correspondence between the real world and the virtual environment created online.  Ways in which marketers can determine if their site has a telepresence or a social presence is to measure interactions.  Mobile devises have a way of making users feel like they are inside the site.  Many users who have the Apple iPhone treat the phone as if it is a regular computer.  Games are downloaded, food is ordered, bus times are tracked, shopping, etc.  The functionality and level of interaction apps provide to users by nature make consumers feels as though they are in the viral environment and the physical environment at the same time.  The more interactive and creative apps become the greater the presence they will have.  When building mobile sites, marketers need to make the site as interactive as possible so users feel like they need the site to get through their day-to-day tasks.

A well designed mobile site is as important as a well designed website.  Similar metrics can be used in the mobile space but additional metrics should be considered when measuring interactions.


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